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Optilight By Lumenis

Your Eye Doctor and Dry Eye Relief with Optilight by Lumenis

Are you tired of relying on eye drops for dry eyes? Your optometrist at Granite Bay Vision Center Optometry, serving Granite Bay, Roseville, Loomis, and Folsom, wants you to know about a revolutionary new treatment that may reduce or eliminate your need for eye drops to manage the symptoms of dry eye disease called Optilight.

Dry Eye Disease Doesn't Typically Mean Your Eyes Aren't Producing Enough Tears

One of the puzzling aspects of dry eye disease is that individuals suffering from it often have teary eyes. It's as if your eyes are unable to produce enough tears to moisturize your dry, red, and itchy eyes, so they compensate by producing excessive tears all at once. The real issue is not insufficient tear production. It's about producing the right type of tears, tears that contain unique proteins and complex fatty acids, which help spread moisture across your eyes, ensuring that the entire eye surface remains lubricated.

The Cure for Dry Disease Involves Treating Your Eyelids, Not Your Eyes

approximately 25 of these tiny oil-producing glands in your lower eyelid and around 35 in your upper eyelid. Inflamed Meibomian glands may not release the lubricants necessary for your tears to adhere to your eyes. Optilight addresses this inflammation, allowing your eyes to produce the effective tears that keep them moist.

Optilight generates short pulses of a specific wavelength of light that counteract inflammation without harming delicate tissues. This promotes the normal flow of the clear, protein-rich Meibum that lubricates dry eyes. If you've been dealing with dry eyes or crusty eyes due to blepharitis for an extended period, your immune system may require some time to clear out any accumulated bacteria in the glands while they were inflamed. Typically, after three or four treatments, symptoms are significantly relieved.

Your eye doctor applies Optilight to your eyelids, not directly to your eyes. You may feel a gentle warmth on your eyelids during the 10- to 15-minute treatment. If you wear makeup, you can reapply it and return to your regular activities immediately after each session. Once you've achieved normal tear production, a touch-up visit once every 6 to 12 months is all you need.

Dry Eye Relief Starts at Granite Bay Vision Center Optometry

Are you looking for an eye doctor near you? Don't endure dry eyes any longer than necessary! Schedule your eye exam at Granite Bay Vision Center Optometry online or by calling (916) 791-5490 today!

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