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About Us and Our Eye Care Services in Granite Bay, CA

We at Granite Bay Vision Center, serving Granite Bay, CA, Rocklin, CA, Folsom, CA, Loomis, CA, Roseville, CA, and the general area, are available to help you see clearly and optimize the health of your eyes. Our eye doctor is here to help you manage any current conditions to prevent complications.

Offering a Range of Services  

We are here to help our patients to be able to come in and get the care they need and as much of it as possible in one place. Once we diagnose a problem through an eye exam, our optometrist can then supply you with an appropriate treatment, which may include giving you prescription eye drops, lifestyle advice, or prescribing you contact lenses or eyeglasses if you have a refractive error. We can also monitor any eye condition that you have on a regular basis to make sure that it does not get any worse. 

Get an Eye Exam to Help Detect Eye Diseases

There are a number of different eye diseases that can damage your eye health and may even cause you to lose some or all of your vision. Some eye diseases, like glaucoma, might have caused vision loss by the time you have noticed the diseases at all. With an eye exam, you can get these eye diseases detected early so that you can get treatment for them and potentially prevent you from losing any of your vision.

It is also important to get an eye exam if you have a changing prescription for a refractive error. If your contacts no longer fit you anymore because your refractive error has progressed, not only will they cease to give you clear vision, they might also start to damage your eyes. Getting regular eye exams from our optometrist on our optometry team can help prevent this from happening so that you have clear vision more consistently.

Treatment for Dry Eye and More

If you use technology with screens for long periods of time, you might strain your eyes or get dry eyes. These painful conditions can make life difficult but our optometrist can provide advice and treatment to help you get pain relief and solve the problem.

Get an Eye Exam from Our Eye Doctor on Our Optometry Team

We at Granite Bay Vision Center Optometry serve Granite Bay, CA, Roseville, CA, Folsom, CA, Loomis, CA, Rocklin, CA, and the neighboring communities. Contact us today for an appointment by calling (916) 791-5490

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