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If you want your eyes to stay healthy long-term, work with a trusted optometrist. Here at Granite Bay Vision Care Optometry, we want to help all residents of Roseville, CA, Folsom, CA, Rocklin, CA, Loomis, CA and Granite Bay, CA, enjoy excellent vision well into their golden years. Allow us to handle all your eye care needs.

Why Do You Need to Visit Your Optometrist Regularly?

Even subtle changes to the quality of your vision could hint at significant issues. Get our eye doctor to track changes in your vision so that you can detect dangerous eye diseases early. With our help, you can better prevent potential issues from developing and threatening your vision.
Regularly going to the eye doctor can be useful at many ages. However, it is a good idea to visit an optometrist more frequently as you age.
Young adults don’t have to go in for check-ups that often. You can go in for examinations every now and then if you have no vision problems. If you’re in your 20s or 30s with vision issues, heading for an eye exam is more important. Annual eye exams are good for older adults. When you’re 65 and older, you are at risk for many different eye diseases and getting screened for them can help keep your vision safe.

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Available Services

The Best in Eye Care

Eye Test Glasses

Contact Lens Fitting

With a thorough Contact Lens consult we can help you find the best pair of contacts that fits you comfortably and your life style. After finding the ideal pair, we’ll provide care instructions and a tutorial on insert and remove contacts as well.

Eye Exam

Eye Exam

At Granite Bay Vision Care Optometry, we take the time to understand our clients’ history and needs. Our staff strives to provide care that is thorough and precise. We welcome questions prior to your appointment, so please get in touch with any concerns.

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Eye Disease Diagnosis

We offer a truly comprehensive Eye Disease Diagnosis for all ages. With advanced technology and doctors, all your needs will be met with care and precision. Go ahead and book an appointment today.

VSP insurance

Insurance We Accept 

Medicare Insurance
Anthem Blue Cross &   Blue Shield
Aetna insurance
Eyemed Vision Care
VSP Vision Insurance
Cigna insurance
Tricare for life
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